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Bush MP3 (MPK4312BUK)

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Average price: £16.00
The best MP3 player I have had the pleasure of using for some time. Someone has taken a flash drive and slapped an MP3 on top of it. No longer do you need to carry any wires (except your headphones), just plug it in, drop your music into the file and away you go. Fantastic bit of kit. Not only this but it comes with an LCD screen which scrolls along the files so you know what you're listening to. With a memory capacity of 4 gig, this bit of kit becomes a modern age Swiss Army Knife enabling the holder to transfer and listen to files seamlessly.

Opening the box:

- MP3 player
- Headphones
- User manual
Look & Feel
The look and feel is great, small enough to not clutter up your pocket but not to small to make it difficult to use. My only drawback is that it does not come with a belt clip attachment so if you intend on using this in the gym or out for a jog, you will need a pocket I'm afraid.
USB port to connect directly to your PC for charging and music downloads.
4GB memory.
1.5 inch screen.
6 hours battery life.
LCD/LED display.
Stores up to 900 songs.
In ear headphones
Value for money
At £16 - £18  for a gadget that is not only an MP3 player but is a flash drive, a voice recorder and comes with 4 gig of memory, you really cant complain about the price.  It would be hard to find anything that performs better at this price range.
Overall satisfaction
I would of given it full marks if it weren't for two little drawbacks but nothing to serious to stop you considering this pocket sized gem.
What's good?
- LCD screen
- 4 gig memory
- Voice recorder
- Battery life
What's bad?
- No belt clip
- The USB cap is not hinged.
Where to buy

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